9 months to 12 months + Parent:

Moments in the Meadow

Mixed Ages Babies-4yrs + Grandma

Grandmas in the Meadow

15 months to 2 years old + Parent:

Morning in the Meadow

15 months and up + Alternate Parent:

Saturday Play Dates


3 to 5 year olds:

Summer in the Meadow


3 and 4 year olds + Parent:

Afternoon in the Meadow


3 years old and up + Family:

Families Together

4.5 to young 5 year olds + Parent:

After School in the Meadow
(Eligibility: completed Afternoon in Meadow twice and/or not enrolled in KG in the Fall)


5 to 12 year olds + Parent:

Parent and Child Teas
(Must be enrolled  in KG or above in the Fall)

10 to 14 year olds + Mother:

Change Makers
(Must be in 5th-8th grade)



Heart Voices



Spiritual Rap

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