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15 months to 2 years old


2024-2025 Program Schedule Below

The Parent & Toddler Program is designed to give parents and their little ones the invaluable gift of uninterrupted time together: A Falling-in-Love Time Over and Over Again. The Meadow Room invites moms and dads to follow the lead of their child in playful and fun-filled activities (playhouse, storybooks, puzzles). The Hearth Room offers parents and children different experiences known as the "messy" arts (play dough, water play, paints and more). The parents' time is during the children's supervised outside play. Parents meet in the Hearth for coffee and a discussion lead by a qualified staff member. Heart wisdom and daily practical questions merge naturally. This weekly circle of support and friendship quickly becomes a favorite time for parents! Music time ends the morning session. Parents and children gather in the Meadow for movement, songs and goodbye hugs.


Sessions: September thru May

Ages by September 1 

15 to 18 Months: 

Monday mornings

9:00 ­- 11:00am


18 to 24 Months

Tuesday mornings

9:00 ­- 11:00am


2 Years Old 

Thursday or Friday mornings

9:00 ­- 11:00am


Fees: $2,520 per year

(Payment schedules can be arranged and scholarships are available.)

To be the child's interpreter is to hear with listening ears, to see with respectful eyes and to love with humble trust.
-Josetta Walsh
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