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6-12 months + Parent:

(Please inquire if a bit younger or older)


2024-2025 Program Schedule Below

This Parent & Baby Program is designed to give parents and their little ones the invaluable gift of uninterrupted time together: A Falling-in-Love Time Over and Over Again.


The Meadow Room invites moms and dads to play closely with their child and watch them observe their ever-changing world. Babies need time to explore as well as to have a sense of security and encouragement. Floor Activities that meet your child’s developmental needs as well as connect you both in joyful play, are all mindfully arranged in our magical setting.


Our qualified staff members will share a weekly topic while you play side by side other parents and children. Heart wisdom and daily practical questions merge naturally. This weekly circle of support and friendship quickly becomes a favorite time for parents!


Meadow time ends with music, movement and goodbye hugs. We can’t wait to see you in the Meadow!


Sessions: September thru May


6-12 months + Parent:

(Please inquire if a bit younger or older)

Wednesday mornings

10:30am ­- 12:00pm


Fees: $1,770 per year

(Payment schedules can be arranged and scholarships are available.)

My everyday is my identity.
It is my now.
It is my moment, my new start,
my chance to create a new vision.
For myself, for my child
What I make of this moment
Will determine the story of us.
-C. Herbert and S. Russell
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