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4.5 to young 5 year olds

2024-2025 Program Schedule Below

Twice a month, parent and child spend quality one-on-one time together in an environment created just for them. An afternoon snack, a playful game outside, a variety of creative cooking activities or special craft projects are followed by a relaxing mindfulness exercise and group blessing. A NEW parent-child program favorite!


4.5 to young 5 years old (by September 1):

(Child is eligible if completed Afternoon in the Meadow and/or if not attending Kindergarten.)

1st and 3rd Thursday of the month

3:30 ­- 4:45pm​

Fees: $1030 per year

(Payment schedules can be arranged and scholarships are available.)

After School in the Meadow is wonderful!  We really enjoy ourselves! I love watching my daughter do the meditative exercise and hear her taking the calming breaths.  It is priceless!
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