2 to 4 year olds

Children and parents are given precious time to experience the beauty and mystery of the earth. These natural lovers of nature are invited to take nature walks, create pond and ocean environments and come to know the various creatures that inhabit our planet. Music, art, creative/messy play, and stories enhance their experience. Each week concludes with a Blessing Celebration Ritual. Sign up for our June session (one day a week for four weeks) on the day of the week that is best for you or sign up for more than one day a week. Our Summer in the Meadow is magical, nurturing, creative and FUN! Come join us!


2 - 4 years old
June Session (once a week for 4 weeks):

Place: Meadow and Hearth Rooms

Choose: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday

May 30 - June 23

9:00am -­ 11:30am

Fees: $350

Once upon a time there lived a frog in No Time. He was always on time wherever he went. He did not have to rush or hurry in No time. He could never be late. Wouldn't that be fun to live in No Time, and be wherever you are all the time?
  - Bob Muson
CFI Alumns: come back to help in the summer as Junior Counselors!