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Marianne was first introduced to CFI in 2004 when she attended Morning in the Meadow and Parent and Child Teas with her two daughters, Amanda and Caroline. Both of her daughters have now graduated from college. Prior to becoming a mom, she worked at Lucille Packard and Stanford Hospital as a clinical specialist for Medtronic. She has a degree in Biology and Health Care Administration. She also attended Notre Dame de Namur for a single-subject teaching credential in Health and Wellness. Marianne adores children and loves having them surround her life. Marianne joined our Meadow Staff in June 2018. Her love for children is infectious!

Memorable family tradition?

One of my favorite family traditions is the Christmas village at my parent's house. Every year my stepmom puts in several hours if not days with remarkable detail setting up an entire Christmas village! The joy and magic that comes from this village bring absolute pleasure to all.There are miniature skating ponds, Christmas carolers, tiny banks and twinkling lights that make you feel like you are part of an amazing storybook. We have spent hours just gazing at the wonderment of this tiny village, often wishing we could be shrunken down and leap right in. The grace, beauty and stillness is a sweet reminder of the true blessings of Christmas.

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