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MaryPat came to the Meadow in 1991. She helped start our original website, newsletter and Outreach Program. She has taught Morning in the Meadow, Grandmas in the Meadow, and Change Makers. After several years, she took a break from CFI. In 2018, she came back to teach After School in the Meadow. In the fall of 2024, MaryPat will be adding teaching Mornings and Afternoons in the Meadow. She has a BA in Education. She has two children who have been nourished by their CFI experience and now has three delightful little grandchildren. We love having MaryPat with us in any capacity! She is positive and calm and provides a great sense of support for our parents and children.


Memorable family tradition?

A family tradition that MaryPat values, and one that she and her children enjoy every year, is a trip to Cape Cod in August to vacation with extended family.

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