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Mother-Child Tea Leader

Susan came to us in the fall of 2017, as a Tea Leader for our Mother and Child Teas. She has twenty-five years of educational and administrative experience, the last fifteen years in Lahaina, Maui!  For Susan, there’s no other job that holds as much joy or is as fulfilling as working with children and their parents.  A guiding principle in her life is love and encouragement: “Let us simplify our lives to focus on openness, and delight - like children!”

Memorable family tradition?

Growing up in a family of nine always guaranteed moments of interesting conversation while sitting at the dinner table.  There, the family was taught to be on time, say “Grace” and be thankful for their blessings.  It was also the time to witness the innate humor and patient wisdom of both parents.  Unconditional love and support allowed each child to blossom into their best versions of themselves. As a large family, working as a team and the lessons of shared responsibility were a must. These habits of consideration of others and working for the good of the whole shaped a centering, moral compass in their family. 

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