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Outreach Coordinator and Change Maker Leader

Lorena was born in Peru and moved to the United States with her family in 1990. She currently lives in Redwood City with Kiki, her 12-year-old Norfolk terrier. She became our Outreach Coordinator and Change Maker Leader in 2022. When she is not working, Lorena enjoys walking and spending time at the beach whenever possible. She also enjoys doing puzzles, watching romantic movies, and playing video games with her daughter. Lorena holds a master's degree in Human Development and is passionate about teaching.


Memorable Family Tradition:

I remember celebrating Christmas Eve with my whole family at my grandma’s house. Her house was always fully decorated - there was a big tree with lots of presents and a big nativity scene. My grandma took us all to church for the midnight mass and then back home. We celebrated with a toast, fireworks, food, and presents. 

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