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Allison joined the CFI Family in 2021 as a Tea Leader. She started teaching preschool in 2007 after several years of running her own home daycare. Allison loves the connection she gets to make with each child and their family, and treasures the time she gets to spend with them. She holds a BS in Business and was inspired to join the teaching profession after working as a volunteer in her own children’s preschool. Allison is grateful to be a part of such a supportive, welcoming, and loving community at CFI. 

Memorable Family Tradition?

Growing up, every birthday was celebrated with a beautiful red plate with the words “You are special today” written on it. My siblings and I were excited to eat not only our birthday cake on this plate, but also our birthday breakfast, birthday lunch, and birthday dinner! When I got married, my Mom gave me my own red plate and I have continued this tradition with my family. I use the plate not only for birthdays, but also for celebrating new jobs, first days of school, last days of school, or even just getting through a tough day. Everyone in my family knows when the red plate comes out, it’s time to celebrate!

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