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Heart Voice Leader 

Alison joined our Heart Voice program in 2007. She became a Heart Voice leader in 2018 to share with other Moms what has been for her a great source of connection and personal growth. Being a part of a group where a Sacred, trusted space is created as a place to share and grow has been one of the most meaningful aspects of her life. Alison also spent several years enjoying Mornings in the Meadow with her children and is excited to continue to be a part of CFI.


Memorable family tradition?

My most memorable family traditions are those that I am creating now with my husband and children. Each year, we spend Thanksgiving in San Francisco. Since we are Canadian and have no family nearby (nor any who celebrate this holiday), we drive up to the city for a few days and spend it like tourists would, taking advantage of all the amazing attractions and restaurants. As our kids get older, their interests change and we get to explore new things. This past year, we went to the oldest Chinese restaurant in San Francisco. It was amazing!

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