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Office Manager

Sarah grew up just down the road in Palo Alto and never left. She married her high school sweetheart and became a mother to 4 fabulous kids (ages 13-20). She has spent her entire adult life working with children and families. Teaching in public schools, running a children’s ministry, and managing a community soccer club are just some of the ways Sarah has found to connect with families in her community deeply. With a passion for nurturing relationships and helping others, Sarah feels very grateful to be part of the fantastic CFI family, where community is clearly thriving. As the office manager, who started in the fall of 2022, she helps to keep all the day-to-day logistics running smoothly while also being a warm voice and a welcoming face for all who call or pass by.

Memorable family tradition?

A favorite tradition for our family is going blackberry picking once school gets out for summer. Every year we head to the farm all clean and hungry, then come back out with purple stains all over our hands and faces. We bring buckets of berries home and make delicious pies to share with friends and family. It always marks the beginning of summer and is always a sweet time.

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