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Heart Voice Leader

Robin joined us as a Heart Voices teacher in the fall of 2015. She’s been part of a Spiritual Rap group with CFI since 2009 and has found it to be such an important source of support and joy, that she welcomed the opportunity to facilitate other women’s connection to CFI and to one another.


Robin lives in Menlo Park with her husband of 26 years, and has a daughter in high school and a son in college. She loves her work as an Executive Coach, and has been involved in volunteer and ministry positions with women and moms for the past 15 years.

Memorable family tradition?

Sunday nights were always a special family time—breakfast for dinner and watching Walt Disney. My mom would get the three of us kids through baths and pajamas, while my dad made his signature pancakes, often creating personalized designs like bikes and teddy bears on the griddle. We’d all enjoy a scrumptious meal together, and then gather around the television for the latest episode of Disney’s family programming. I remember looking forward to it all weekend, and feeling so great about connecting as a family before the start of the week. Those memories still make me smile.

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