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Faith-Full Families

Faith-Full Families is a program which provides moments of celebration to renew, strengthen and build a family sense of belonging. It is designed to help families build their unique identity by spending precious time together celebrating, playing, creating and falling in love over and over again. Faith-Full Families empowers families to create traditions and rituals which bring an awareness of God into their homes and deepen their understanding of churchlife. It is a once a month program designed for groups of 6 to 9 families. The first manual includes all the “how to’s” plus evening program plans for the first year. Cycles B, C, D, E are available for additional years. Some groups have stayed together for 10 years!

Evenings at the Hearth

This program offers parents and preteens an opportunity to play, pray and discuss values and interests. Topics such as how rules are made, engaging cooperation, communicating feelings, are presented by co-leaders. A group of six to eight families meet once a month in an atmosphere of trust as they grow in their understanding of each other. Years 1, 2 & 3 are available.

Parent and Child Storybook Teas

In a very busy schedule, here is a monthly opportunity for providing parent and child precious time to be together. The magic begins with a story which invites the group into the wondrous world of make believe and adventure. Additional involvement through music and crafts deepens the experience. The magic grows as parent and child savor, discuss and delight while sipping tea and enjoying a special treat. The Story Book Tea Manuals Volumes 1 & 2 suggest: Stories, crafts and seasonal tea ideas for October thru May.

Prayer Boxes

Following the natural way children learn, the Prayer Boxes Manual offers teachers tools for hands on experiences to teach the traditional prayers. As the children play with the items specially selected for each box, they begin to internalize theheart messages in each prayer. This approach is guided by Maria Montessori’s teachings on the spiritual unfolding of the young child. Use this manual to make your own set of Prayer Boxes.

"Land of Can Be" Cards

Special square greeting cards (with blank insides) featuring Christine Walker’s oil on canvas, commissioned by the Child & Family Research Institute in Memory of Josetta Walsh, cofounder of CFI.

Josetta's Heart Wisdom Cards

A set of 56 beautifully designed and inspiring 4” cards, containing 27 quotes from Josetta Walsh and 29 quotes from those who inspired her. Produced by Child & Family Research and Training Institute the cards are wrapped in a silk bag — a perfect gift for any occasion: new parents, birthdays and holidays. All proceeds are a donation to Josetta’s Memorial.



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