Parent Responsibilities:

  • Following the lead of your child and interacting with him/her.

  • Observing the choices your child makes.

  • Assisting with clean-up.

  • Bring Snacks for both Parents and Children on your “snack day”.

  • Choosing and checking out resources from our library.

  • Nurturing Parent/Child Relationship.

  • Parents are as important as the children. Please do not send a substitute except in emergencies. Adult Family Member is always welcome.



  • For 2020-2021, the obligation to pay the fees for the full program year is due no later than July 31 and is unconditional. In the event of absence or withdrawal from CFI, no portion paid or outstanding will be refunded or canceled. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Absence: Please call the office if you were signed up to bring a snack so we can accommodate. Otherwise, no need to call if your child is sick! 

  • Illness: Please do not bring your child if they are sick.

  • Clothing: Play clothes that can tolerate paint and messes are recommended. Shoes with rubber soles are needed for safety.

  • Special Dietary Needs: Children’s allergies (in writing) should be made known so that Parents or Teachers can prepare snacks accordingly.

  • No Food in the Meadow.

  • Parking: Please park in our parking lot at 330 Ravenswood Avenue (be careful not to park in any marked "Tenant" spots), or near our other entrance at 1040 Laurel Street, or on any neighboring streets (be mindful of the street signs). Thank you!

  • Montgomery House: Please keep in mind that tenants live in the Montgomery House on our shared campus and we ask you to please keep your children off of the stairs and front porch to respect their peace and quiet. Thank you!