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Come as you are!
- Kris Goodrich

Kris dedicated her life to decades of teaching, guiding and loving families and young children. In 1986 Kris co-founded, with Josetta Walsh, the Child & Family Institute, as a resource for families to deepen and explore the richness of family and community in a changing world. Kris served as our Director for thirty wonderful years until she retired in June of 2016. 


Kris’ extensive training in child development and years of experience led her to co-create and administer family programs that always involved, at it’s very heart, the children’s learning experience, always in the context of the family. Such beautiful programs, all published throughout the years include PlayWays to God, Meadow programs, Faith-Full Families, Faith-Full Families Training Seminar, Mother & Child Teas, Heart Voices, Spiritual Rap and more. She has traveled the country offering training seminars to other communities. She also co-designed the World Peace Village to give families an opportunity to see the Golden Rule as spoken in each of the six faith traditions as the golden thread that connects the world family in peace.


Kris’ wonderful laugh, big hugs, and warm spirit was a constant presence. Whenever a parent and child walked through our doors, she greeted everyone, arms wide open, with a resounding, “Welcome!” always wanting families to know that they belong.


Her heart ministry extended to helping out with parenting issues, visiting a sick child or family member, planning prayer circles, leading a funeral service and so much more.


Upon Kris’ retirement in May of 2015, she invited all who love and look after CFI to be the Keepers of the dream she and Josetta began so many years ago. Kris generously proclaimed us the Keepers by bestowing a blessing that appeared on the Institute’s first brochure, “May the Institute be a beacon of light in a world dimmed by fear.”

Books co-authored with Josetta Walsh:

PlayWays to God – A Preschool Religion Program

Mother/Child Storybook Teas Manual  

Faith-Full Families, Cycles A thru E 

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