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1928 - 2006 

In the end it is all about love and gratitude. That is all that matters.
-Josetta Walsh

Josetta dedicated her life to the education and nurturing of children and families. In 1986 Josetta co-founded, with Kris Goodrich, The Child & Family Institute as a resource to families to deepen and explore the richness of family and community in a changing world.

Josetta had a unique gift of being able to listen to families and then design programs to meet their needs. All our programs have her heart print on them. Based on her love and respect for Maria Montessori's philosophy of education, Josetta worked tirelessly to create programs and loving environments that supported the natural development of children and their parents.

Her visionary gifts also led her to embrace the world family through the World Peace Village. Her vision was to give families the opportunity to see the Golden Rule as spoken in each of the six faith traditions as the golden thread that connects the world family in peace. Through hands-on experience, families are invited to follow a path of wisdom and peace expressed in six spiritual traditions: Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Native American rituals. For more information, please visit World Peace Village at:

Josetta's greatest gift to us was, as one mother put it, "She gave eyes to our hearts." She left rainbows and heart sprinkles wherever she went. Her heart prints on our lives will stay with us always.

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