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Jenn joined CFI in 2012 and is always ready to greet you with a smile. Before becoming a parent to her now teenage daughter and twin boys, Jenn was a labor & delivery nurse for 10 years. She continues her passion of helping parents and children grow together through love at CFI. 


Memorable family tradition?

One that stands out and still makes me and my siblings laugh is the ‘Mum's the word’ tradition. My Mum would take just one child with her on an errand and at the end reward good behavior with a little treat and say, "Mum's the word." Of all my siblings, we all understood that this meant that this was a special moment just between Mum and us and not to gloat or tell anyone. We all thought we were the only ones lucky enough to enjoy "Mum's the word" moments...not until our late teens and early 20's did we discover that we each had our own special "Mum's the word" moments! I think that's what I look forward to most each day at CFI: watching parents taking the time to slow down and savor these little moments with their children, falling in wonder and love with their child each week in a new way. Indulging in their very own version of a ‘Mum's the word’ moment. Spending time with the families, who are the very heart of CFI, is a highlight for me each week.

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