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Program Questions


Would it be possible to stop by for a tour or a “sneak peek” of a class before I register?


We offer “observation visits” for those interested in the Mornings in the Meadow, Afternoons in the Meadow, and Grandmas in the Meadow classes.  Please contact to set up a time to stop by so we can alert the teachers ahead of time that you will be coming.  


Are snacks provided in the Morning in the Meadow class?


Yes, we serve a nourishing snack to the children (parents will be asked to sign up to bring snack on a rotating basis for the class).  (We will ask about any food allergies a week before the program begins.) The parents will enjoy coffee, tea and a breakfast bread/muffin.


Are snacks provided in the Grandmas in the Meadow morning class?


Yes, we provide and serve a nourishing snack to the children. (We will ask about any food allergies a week before the program begins.) Grandmothers will enjoy coffee, tea and a breakfast bread/muffin.



Registration Questions


When is registration for Fall classes and can I get on a reminder list about that?


If you’d like to be added to our mailing list, please submit the Family Info Forms and we will add your information to our records and you will receive an email about Spring registration.


I missed registration and now the program I’m interested in is full. Is there any chance I’ll still get in?


We really try our best to accommodate everyone! If a program is full, we create a waitlist (returning families will get priority) and during the summer, a spot may open up as families move or change their plans. Additionally, a spot may open up during the school year, and we often place a family then. Lastly, when you are on a wait list, you will be notified of Spring registration so you do not miss that important date to enroll for the following year.


Do you offer financial assistance?


Yes – please contact the front office at if you would like to work out a payment schedule or Brooke at if you would like to discuss a scholarship.


How far ahead do I need to sign up for Summer in the Meadow week-long camps?


We encourage you to sign up early (Spring) if you can, but if the camps are not full, we will try to fit you in during the summer.



Event Questions


Are your events open to the public?


Our events are open to CFI families and our supporters.



Other Questions


Does CFI have a religious affiliation?


CFI welcomes families of all faiths. We are non-denominational in a spiritual setting.


I know a wonderful family who has just moved to the area. Do you have any materials I can give them?


Please tell them to visit our website and they can sign up as a new family and join our mailing list (please see the Family Info Form).


Where do I park if your parking lot is full?


In the case the parking lot at 330 Ravenswood Ave. is full (please do not park in the Tenant spots!), you are welcome to park on any neighboring streets (just be mindful of the parking signs) or near our other entrance at 1040 Laurel Street.


I am very involved with a local charity and would love to see if CFI’s Outreach or Change Makers program could somehow be a fit with them. Who can I contact?


We love hearing about organizations our families are involved with.

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