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Brooke is the Director for the Child & Family Institute. She is a Life-Cycle Celebrant for families and children certified in the art of ritual, ceremony, world and faith traditions, and ceremonial writing. She believes in the sanctity of family and the importance of seemingly simple rituals that make each family unique. Her heart work supports our families who wish to create a fuller, more loving life together, find calm in the chaos, magic in the ordinary, and gratefulness for it all.

Together with our co-founder, Kris Goodrich, she brought

Compassion to the forefront of our community through CFI's first 2014 and second 2015 Compassion Games, a family day to model and provide opportunities for kindness. She co-authored "The Compassion Games: A Manual for Implementing the Games in your Community." Together with Kris, she presented a Compassion Workshop; "The Compassion Games for an Intergenerational and Interfaith Community" at the Parliament of World Religions in Utah in the fall of 2015.

Brooke began as a Meadow Mom in 1995. All three of her children (Blair, Jane and Jack) attended our programs. She is also an Associate. She came on staff as our leader for Mother & Child Teas in 2013, was responsible for Program Development and Special Events in 2014, and became Associate Director in the spring of 2015. In June of 2016, Brooke became Director of the Institute. She is passionate about CFI and is honored to continue the mission our co-founders, Kris and Josetta, began so long ago.

Memorable Favorite Tradition?

Lights around the tree…Mom’s getting egg nog ready…we are laying down on our tummies on the living room rug, staring cross-eyed at the Christmas tree, making the tree lights blurry and extra twinkly! This was our way of helping Dad to find the spots he might have missed. This favorite tradition became my children’s favorite too. Then the ritual begins… pulling out, one by one, all of our ornaments we have collected throughout the years. Sitting by the fire, listening to music, putting ornaments up--all together, well, it just takes me back through all the years of my life. I try and let all these memories hold me close no matter where I am. Because of this, Christmas is in my heart all year long.

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