My husband and I were lucky to be able to purchase a home in Menlo Park in 1990. With four little ones and living in the bay area, I knew that I would have to be a ‘working mom’ however, did not look forward to leaving my children for an outside job. My career in working with young children, therefore, began when I opened a home day care program in my home which I ran for over seven years. As my children grew and became more independent I decided to extend my formal education through the Cañada College Early Childhood Program to become a preschool teacher. Being a parent and working as a teacher gave me the opportunity to develop and share two of my favorite activities…singing and children’s literature which I still love today! I have been teaching preschool in the Menlo Park area for over 25 years.    


I first became involved with the Child & Family Institute as a ‘Summer in the Meadow’ teacher (two of my children, Xeronimo and Felisia worked as teen helpers in the summer!) I always looked forward to my summer times in the Meadow as a joyful and rejuvenating experience. I rejoined the Institute in the fall of 2021as a Meadow teacher and Tea Leader for our special Parent-Child monthly Teas! I am so excited to be back and to be a part of the loving CFI community…singing, reading stories, and working and learning together! 


Memorable family tradition?

Cooking and baking have been an important and fun part our family. Both my Mom and my husband’s Mother were excellent cooks. We all remember Abuelita’s tamales and cinnamon cookies. My Mother made handmade flour tortillas and my children remember getting a ‘small ball of soft, white dough’ in order to make their own individual tortilla (being rolled and rerolled by tiny little hands many times right on the kitchen floor, however, they were not often eaten as you can imagine!) My Mom was especially remembered for her cakes and cookies…homemade pound cakes, chocolate cupcakes and M&M cookies were favorites.  


When our family gets together now, we all share in the making of a memorable meal. All ‘famous’ for a special dish… Felisia’s pumpkin pie, Rosy’s chocolate chip cookies, Pedro’s pork carnitas, and Xeronimo’s BBQ ribs!